Graphic, effective, beautiful

By successfully combining the right colours and materials, the Kindred Group now has an inviting and comfortable working environment.

Troldtekt Kindred Group
Photo: Bjørn Bertheussen

At the Kindred Group in central Copenhagen, there is a sense of continuity in the interior design, yet constant variation throughout. ATM Design has worked to create a vibrant workplace, and confidently selected colours, materials and surfaces that complement each other well.

Wood, glass and textiles with black contrasts have all been used together with varied lighting. The result is a relaxed and creative environment, where cooperation between the different disciplines has been the primary focus. The acoustics have therefore also been an important theme, and many of the rooms have carpets, curtains or an acoustic wall decoration as part of the interior design.

For a conference room that required good acoustics, ATM Design designed a collage of Troldtekt acoustic panels in a sophisticated combination of the colours black, white and natural wood. The finished look is graphic and simple without dominating the room as a whole.

Anders Bush Faaborg from ATM Design says that it has been paramount to create a working environment in which both the auditory and visual elements are optimised for both meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions in one and the same room.