Elegant headquarters in industrial milieu

The real estate company Klövern has a new head office situated in a former cold store in the old part of Gothenburg. The architects Krook & Tjäder’s mission in renovating the building was to create a flexible design using durable materials. Troldtekt ensures superior acoustics and visual coherence with the other materials.

Photo: Bara Bild

The Slakthus area is situated in Gamlestaden, the oldest part of Gothenburg, and this is where the real estate company Klövern has opened a new head office. The building originally dates from 1905, and was a cold storage facility for the municipal abattoir.

The historic building has therefore been completely renovated – but with respect for the original architecture.

The architects Krook & Tjäder assumed responsibility for rethinking and transforming the industrial facility into modern offices.

“The design is intended to respect the history of the place through the choice of materials and the general look. The solid and durable materials reflect the industrial feel of the building’s interior and exterior. The offices are a place where employees and visitors should be inspired and feel comfortable. It will serve both as Klövern’s showroom, and as a versatile workplace,” says Lorena Zabala, one of the architects at Krook & Tjäder.

The offices were ready in 2020, and Klövern was one of three finalists for Sweden’s most beautiful office award – Snyggaste Kontor 2020.

Interplay between the materials

The offices have a floor area of 850 square metres spread across two floors in the building, which also houses restaurants and storage facilities. For Krook & Tjäder, the main challenge was incorporating the original elements in the design to create a flexible and creative environment using sustainable materials.

On entering, you step into the heart of the building, where a broad staircase doubles as seating, and where colleagues can eat lunch together as well as holding meetings and conferences. The other areas are divided into zones with telephone rooms and conference facilities.

To balance out the original elements, natural materials have been used, which soften the feel of the place while also creating an air of exclusivity. For example, the telephone rooms are clad with wood panels, and the stairs are built of solid wood.

To ensure a sense of cohesion between the industrial elements and the new materials, Troldtekt acoustic panels in grey have been used. In terms of their design, the acoustic panels go well with the building’s original architecture, while providing a welcome contrast to the many hard surfaces. At the same time, Troldtekt contributes to a pleasant sound environment in the office by reducing reverberation in the high-ceilinged rooms.