Bright working environment in Købmagergade

In a centuries-old property on Købmagergade, the interior on the first floor has been given a comprehensive facelift that makes the leased property attractive and inviting.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in commercial properties

The elegant, old windows in the facade facing Købmagergade draw plenty of daylight into the sizeable office and give the space a special, charming atmosphere. A continuous, calm ceiling unites the leased space, which extends across the entire floor. During the remodelling of the lease, which Spacelab was responsible for, a window was installed next to the courtyard together with a large skylight. This has resulted in a bright and modern office space.

The company Fairpris, whose employees work in the space, talk a lot on the phone, so good acoustics are essential for the working environment. Spacelab has chosen a light-coloured cement floor and correspondingly calm ceilings without visible installations. Troldtekt v-line ceilings highlight some of the lines in the ceiling surface without dominating the room. In the modern, neutral interior, the lines are an elegant detail.

Refined interior design

The ceilings are suspended, hiding the fresh air supply, which is diffused through selected ceiling panels. The extraction is neatly hidden in the built-in fixtures. This has resulted in a ceiling without visual noise. Upon entering the floor, you are greeted by an oak 'feature wall' that combines functions such as a wardrobe, photocopier and cupboard space, but also a built-in sofa.

Oak is a recurring element in the interior design and also comprises strong oak profiles that frame the glass sections of the interior meeting rooms. The old building means the space has a somewhat convoluted layout, but Spacelab has made the absolute best of the task and created a high-quality, welcoming environment. With an interior design that provides space for desks, sofa corners and table tennis, it emphasises the open and modern whole that the transformation has created.