Kolding Åpark

Kolding Åpark 1 is the first project to be built in an open location between the town and the harbour. It was designed by architects Tegnestuen Mejeriet in cooperation with Rambøll. Both companies have offices in the 5000 sqm complex which has room for 250 employees.

Troldtekt, Kolding Åpark
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA

The offices can be seen from a distance, beautifully reflected in the water with their perforated aluminium bronze-coloured facades casting a golden glow in sunlight.  Despite its cubic shape and large size, the building appears transparent, light and floating.

Architect MAA and Partner Finn Schmidt says:

“After more than 30 years working in an old dairy building in Låsbygade, we moved into these bright new facilities in Kolding Åpark. The cube is built around a 10 x 10m atrium which encourages a bright and lively environment within. All of the offices have glass walls facing the atrium and this was a core requirement. It also functions as an active room where people can meet and where art exhibitions, performances and other events can be held.”

“A particular focus has been on the architecture and the environment, not just in terms of energy consumption but also on the work spaces. We wanted a lot of light but because there are no wall-to-floor windows and daylight only penetrates about 5m inside.  Consequently, these are placed  nearest the windows while secondary facilities are situated closer to the atrium.”

The extensive use of Troldtekt is noticeable. The architect explains:

“Troldtekt Plus was our first choice for the ceilings. Beside their excellent acoustic qualities, the cement-bonded wood wool panels have a great texture and create a uniform appearance and feel.  About 4500 sqm of Troldtekt Plus panels with mineral wool on the back have been installed together with integrated lighting. This makes for a simple but very effective appearance.”