New and exclusive coworking office environment in Gothenburg

Arena Platinan is a new and flexible office environment in Gothenburg. Kanozi Arkitekter is behind the design, and Troldtekt was chosen to support the bright and harmonious interiors.

Arena Platinan is a new coworking office environment situated on the 12th floor of the newly built Platinan hub in Gothenburg. The office environment offers flexible office solutions based on 190 flex workplaces, nine offices, 14 conference and meeting rooms, several lounge areas and two roof terraces.

The building is owned by one of Sweden’s leading property companies Vasakronan, and the coworking office environment is part of a new concept going by the name of ‘Arena’, which Vasakronan has already rolled out in three other Swedish cities. Kanozi Arkitekter has been responsible for the design of Arena Platinan.

“We wanted to create offices that are characterised by a smooth transition between the exterior and interior environments. We were greatly inspired by the facade and the history of the local area. The result is bright and harmonious office spaces where tactile materials add contrast and variation,” says Thea Foss Henriksen, interior designer at Kanozi Arkitekter.


Troldtekt used throughout

Arena Platinan’s office concept enables you to work in different environments and to relax in the numerous lounge areas. Both the colours and materials have been selected in light shades of grey, which are supplemented by ample daylight. The meeting rooms on the other hand have been designed with more colour and warmth.

Exposed pipes and technical installations contribute to a slightly industrial feel.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have been chosen for the entire floor – both classic panels and floating acoustic clouds in selected areas. Here, the natural wood colour blends in well with the rest of the interior.

“When you use colours sparingly in an interior design concept, the texture of the materials becomes incredibly important. You don’t want the rooms to feel flat, but warm and carefully designed. This is why we chose Troldtekt. Troldtekt opens up a wealth of possibilities in terms of colours and styles, which was extremely valuable in this project,” says Thea Foss Henriksen.