Good working environment in former industrial complex

The Danish Association of Managers and Executives’ head office is situated in a former industrial complex on Amager, Copenhagen. The buildings have been carefully refurbished over some time to create a strong sense of unity and with exquisite attention to the details.

Troldtekt, Ledernes KompetenceCenter
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The Danish Association of Managers and Executives’ competence centre at Vermlandsgade at the northern end of the island of Amager close to central Copenhagen houses a range of facilities for administration, conferences and training. The most recent refurbishment project involved the meeting centre, where the priority was to create a good environment for short, informal meetings as well as all-day meetings for larger groups.

The layout accommodates all types of meeting rooms, a lounge, creative spaces and a reception. Features from the industrial era have been preserved as a recurring theme throughout the centre. Specifically, the raw concrete and brick walls remain intact, in addition to the bare concrete floors.

Atmospheric spaces

A recurring element in the interior is the mobile glass walls with black frames which, together with the pale blue acoustic blinds, create a harmonious look which is also flexible. The sense of intimacy in the characterful rooms is largely attributable to the materials which have been used.

To ensure good working conditions, natural grey Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen together with effective and varied lighting which meet the requirements for acoustic control and good illumination. The main pedestrian area and one room are clad in wood lamellae, which imbue the space with warmth while reinforcing its status as a unifying element within the meeting centre.

H+ARKITEKTER has been responsible for the gradual refurbishment of Danish Association of Managers and Executives’ competence centre, and throughout the process was in close dialogue with the association on every aspect and detail. The fine, spatial variation in the meeting centre is testament to the realisation of the potential of the original buildings to accommodate the daily needs of users.