Building reuse

Lendager Group outgrew its premises, and has now settled in Pakhus 48 in Nordhavnen, Copenhagen. A location that suits the company’s DNA in many ways.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in commercial properties
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Lendager Group is an architectural company with a dedicated focus on sustainability in all links of the building, planning and design process. Following an innovative and holistic approach, future buildings are designed based on a circular architecture.

The office also has a department for resource optimisation and sustainable product development, which often involves upcycling existing materials. Lendager Group also advises other companies looking to make the transition to a circular economy. Overall, Lendager Group’s area of operations has demanded more space for employees and models.

Green studio

Pakhus 48 is located at Sundkaj in Nordhavn, and is also home to offices and showrooms for a number of design companies. The unique location overlooks the Sound, cranes, converted silos and other warehouses.

Lendager Group now enjoys high ceilings, and the entire studio is housed in one large room, surrounded by green plants and building components. Canteen and meeting facilities lie on a mezzanine, with views of the work area below. In the centre of the room, a small oasis made of wooden boxes provides a setting for employees to hold informal meetings or eat lunch.

A white Troldtekt acoustic ceiling has previously been installed over the old wooden structure. A ceiling that ensures good acoustics and is a material, that goes well with a converted industrial building like Pakhus 48.