Graphic interior design for film production

Metronome Productions’ new premises in Copenhagen are a fine combination of open-plan offices, a canteen and secluded rooms for film editing and meetings.

Troldtekt Metronome
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The conversion of the two floors has been undertaken by Spacelab Arkitekter in close cooperation with Metronome. The first step was removing all non-load-bearing walls to reveal the raw concrete construction. The architects have worked hard to create a dynamic link between the two floors to encourage interaction between employees as part of the working environment.

The reception is located next to the entrance on the lower floor, where the executive offices are also situated. The kitchen and cafeteria are located at the top near the secondary staircase which enables employees to move between the floors. Isolated editing rooms are located throughout the building, to which the film editors can retreat to work with sound and images without any distractions. 

History of the building

Despite the distinctly different functions of the two floors, there is a strong sense of architectural coherence between them. The idea was to let the story of the building come to the fore, and it is this idea that both differentiates and brings the floors together.

At the entrance level, glass partitions separate the offices from the building thoroughfares. Concrete columns and disks contrast sharply with the glass sections, while the grey colour of the concrete contrasts with the dark carpets and doors and the white Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in the offices. A refined graphic effect has been achieved with few means.

The high-ceilinged top floor is wonderfully open, and as such conducive to creative work processes in an open office environment. Troldtekt acoustic panels are also used on this floor to ensure pleasant acoustics and thus a good working environment.