Stringent architecture provides the backdrop for potent cars with beautiful lines.

Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in offices and commercial properties
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, arkitekt

Just northeast of Vejle in Jutland, Denmark, lies an iconic building from 1964 with twelve large flat domes. Originally, it served as a rather modern textile factory in the elegant style of the 1960s. After almost 50 years of production, the last owner – EGE Tæpper – chose to close the Vejle branch back in 2012.

Today, the building – which over the years has expanded to cover almost 20,000 m2 – has been updated with new and exclusive interior content. It now hosts MY GARAGE, which represents the very best from the automotive world. The high-ceilinged halls are filled with dream cars from brands such as McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce.

Many of those dreams are for sale, but a large part of the car fleet also belongs to enthusiasts looking for an optimal – and safe – place to store their vehicles. A total of 66 specially designed glass boxes with climate control are at the core of the concept, hence the name MY GARAGE. As connecting partner to Rolls-Royce, the company facilitates the sale of both new and used models, and – as the only one in Scandinavia – bears the title of authorised Rolls-Royce Service Partner.

Passion and community

The MY GARAGE brand is basically about passion and community created around luxury cars. This is also reflected in the new entrance building, which was inaugurated in May 2020. The main entrance has a large glass facade to the west and, in addition to the reception, also includes a lounge area, office facilities, meeting rooms and a new merchandise shop.

RAVN Arkitektur has headed up on the project from day one – and has also been responsible for the interior design of the shop and for designing special furnishings. The architecture’s stringent, clean lines are partly a respectful continuation of the original 1964 design and partly a refined backdrop to the cars’ beautiful curves.

Inside, the extension contains a slightly inclining ramp that connects MY GARAGE’s two largest halls. This makes it possible to drive the cars from the preparation area to the exhibition halls without exposing them to any harsh weather. On the whole, it is clear that the cars are the main attraction and that they rank as highly as any famous artwork.

An essential detail that helps create a dynamic whole are the elegant black Troldtekt line acoustic ceilings. The acoustic panels’ lengthwise surface grooves result in a stringent surface, and the black varies nicely in colour depending on the angle of the natural light coming in through the windows. A bit like a newly painted holiday cottage with black wooden facades. Beautiful and functional in all its simplicity.