Modern and pleasant industrial ambience

On Kungsholmen in Stockholm, you will find Dykaren 10 - an industrial building from the late 1800s. The property housed a business that constructed machines for the Swedish match-making industry up until the 1980s, when it was redesigned as offices.

Troldtekt Dykaren
Photo: Thorn Agency

It has now been decided to adopt a completely new approach so as to highlight the historical aspect while adding a new, modern touch to the building. Moreover, this is where Nordnet has recently decided to install its new offices.

Nordnet is an online bank that helps its customers to save, invest and achieve their financial goals. The company’s new offices comprise 580 workstations spread over six storeys.

The new office building, which is also the company headquarters, features an open-plan layout, combined with small meeting “cubes” for individual conversations and group meetings. The premises are distinguished by numerous glass sections and high ceilings, and the large windows let in plenty of daylight. Combined with the exposed wooden beams and the natural grey colour scheme the overall impression highlights the historical and industrial ambience, but with a modern slant.

Soft sounds for diverse working days

The working day is centred on inspiring customers by providing information and guidance, establishing social

investment networks and supplying a variety of online consultancy services. In principle, the office will rarely be visited by customers – but it will welcome the company’s partners. Nordnet primarily stays in touch with its customers by phone and email. For this reason, the noise level must be finely balanced to ensure that the staff are not distracted by the numerous conversations taking place at the same time in the open-plan office, which is also the workplace for a large group of people. And to make sure not to disturb the quiet working conditions for the back-office staff working on their administrative tasks.

The acoustics contribute to a pleasant working environment today

“In the old office, we found the loud noise of footsteps really off-putting. We now have carpets designed to reduce noise and the sound of footsteps, and it makes a real difference. We have also installed Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceiling, which keeps the noise level much lower than before. I think that the visitors who come here notice it as well. We have a pleasant working environment and an inspiring office,” relates Mikael Lindblom, Facility Manager at Nordnet.