A new era for the Oslo Stock Exchange building

The 200-year-old stock exchange building in Oslo has been renovated with respect for its history so that it can function as a modern workplace according to today’s design standards. Tuvalu Arkitekter designed the project where Troldtekt acoustic solutions contribute to a cohesive office environment.

Superior acoustics in the workplace with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings

The 200-year-old listed Oslo Stock Exchange is located in the centre of the Norwegian capital. The building has never been used for anything other than operating the stock exchange and trading shares in Norwegian companies and international oil and shipping companies. 

The iconic stock exchange building dates back to 1828 and was designed by architect Chr. H. Grosch. This was followed by an extension in 1910 by architect Carl Michaelsen. In 1927, the building was listed.

Since then, there have been two renovations – in the 1980s and around the turn of the millennium – and each one has left its own contemporary mark on the building and interior design.

In the 1980s, for example, the building’s large atrium was used as office space, where employees sat with their large computer screens. Around 2000, the building’s large balconies were also used for office space.

Now Tuvalu Arkitekter has been responsible for an upgrade to the 2020s, and in 2022 Oslo Stock Exchange was able to reopen for its nearly 200 employees.


The atrium is the natural heart

Among the new design features, Tuvalu Arkitekter has turned the atrium into the building’s heart and natural meeting point, where the original, solid materials such as terrazzo floors and columns stand out – alongside sculptures and green plants.

The workplaces have been moved out into the wings of spaces that face towards the sunlight. In addition, the building’s third floor, which was otherwise unused, has been utilised as an office environment.

The balconies from the turn of the millennium have also been replaced by wooden walkways to create a more harmonious frame around the atrium. Furthermore, a particular focus of the upgrade has been on the technical facilities – including new electrical control systems and improved ventilation.

All work has been done with respect for history, and the original details have been carefully attented to in collaboration with an antiquarian.


Bright design solution creates cohesion

As part of the renovation, a good acoustic environment has also been created for the many employees. Troldtekt acoustic panels are installed in the office areas.

The choice fell on the Troldtekt line design series in natural wood, and the panels are installed between wooden panels that create structure in the ceiling surface, helping to create a cohesive office environment.