Elegant conference room at Semrén & Månsson

Semrén & Månsson architects have a conference room fitted with Troldtekt acoustic panels at their office in central Malmö.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are the natural choice when wanting to ensure superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in, for example, office buildings

In 2019, Semrén & Månsson architects opened their office in Malmö, centrally located on Stortorget. The office conference room here has been given a loving touch.

The room looks bright and organic, with green plants, dark green curtains and plenty of daylight from the windows. For the ceiling, the architects have chosen the Troldtekt rhomb design solution in white, and for the walls, natural wood. The panels contribute to good acoustics as well as a healthy indoor climate, and the pattern formed by the panels adds design edge.

The Troldtekt rhomb surface creates a three-dimensional effect by juxtaposing the diamond-shaped acoustic panels. The four sides of each panel are parallel pairs, and all sides have a half groove cut, creating a full groove at the joints.

“Before, we couldn’t have meetings in the room, but now it’s a subdued and incredibly good acoustic environment. Troldtekt was recommended because of the acoustic challenge – but also to take account of our uncompromising aesthetic requirements. It was important for the ceiling to be discreet, not competing with stucco and other elements of the old, existing building, but still contributing to a powerful overall experience,” says Michael Westerlund, architect, Regional BIM Manager, Semrén & Månsson.

Semrén & Månsson also opted for integrated lighting in the acoustic ceiling.