Fit for the future with an innovative concept

Sparkasse Hannover has modernised two of its customer centres to make them fit and sustainable for the future to ensure optimal personal interactions with customers.

Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in offices and commercial properties

In the age of online banking and ongoing digitalisation, Sparkasse Hannover has rolled out an innovative and promising concept in order to offer both its staff and its customers a place where they can enjoy working and visiting in future. The customer centres at Lindener Markt and Garbsen-Mitte have risen to the challenge following extensive modernisation works.

Somewhere to feel at ease

The new concept, which was developed in collaboration with staff, is aimed at making people feel truly at ease in the bright and welcoming rooms. In addition to state-of-the-art workstations, employees now also have snugs as well as a modern kitchen, terrace and balcony where they can sit and chat.

Facilities for customers include a rustic wooden table with charging stations and fitted iPads as well as a cosy lounge area with coffee bar and a range of seating for relaxed conversations.

For particularly discreet consultations, meeting rooms are available, which are all individually furnished and decorated. For example, there is a ‘living room’ with comfy sofa and a room specially designed for families with children, where young visitors can keep themselves entertained while their parents discuss their finances.

Sustainable materials

Sustainability is a major feature of the new concept. For example, the planners selected materials that can be easily incorporated back into the materials cycle. No products containing oil or natural gas – such as commercial PVC – have been used. Rather, all of the wall and floor coverings have environmental certifications. All of the fixtures and the furniture are made of renewable raw materials such as wood or wood-based products. And the Troldtekt acoustic elements installed on the walls have an impeccable ecobalance while providing sophisticated design accents in blue, beige and various shades of grey.