SporX aims to become the most sustainable office building in Norway

In constructing the SporX office building, there was a special focus on sustainable choices and cost-effective solutions. Among other things, the building has achieved BREEAM-NOR Outstanding certification.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in commercial properties

SporX, whose name comes from the surrounding railway lines in Drammen, southwest of Oslo, is a 40 metre high office building completed in 2022. The office building is centrally located, surrounded by green spaces and cafés, is 6,800 m2 and has 10 floors. Its goal is to become Norway’s most sustainable office building and centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.

SporX believes that a workplace with a focus on comfort, well-being and the environment makes for a better and more efficient working day, and the office building services are therefore targeted towards forward-thinking companies, founders and freelancers. SporX offers its tenants access to a barception, shared meeting room solutions, co-working facilities, staff restaurant, fitness room, bicycle parking and a rooftop terrace with a fantastic view of the river and fjord.

The office building has achieved Norway’s leading environmental certification BREEAM-NOR at the Outstanding level, which is the highest level of certification. The three main aspects that contribute to SporX being a sustainable building with a BREEAM-NOR Outstanding certification are choice of materials, focus on green mobility and a flexible floor plan. The floor plan can be modified to adapt the building to future working methods, giving the building a long service life.

The structure has also been a focus for low energy consumption, which is why SporX has also been awarded energy class A and the passive house standard.


Wood as a load-bearing material

The building consists of two vertical volumes at different heights, with a main facade clad in thermowood on an outward-facing glass base. The base itself is appealing and extends up between the volumes, creating vertical social zones in the building. 

DARK Arkitekter worked conceptually, constructively and technically with the use of wood in the building, and from the first floor upwards, SporX’s load-bearing structure is made of solid wood and glulam without the use of concrete or steel, as the wood itself has a strong load-bearing capacity. By using only wood that stores moisture, energy and CO2, the building’s CO2 emissions are reduced and the wood’s properties have a positive effect on the indoor climate, resulting in less noise and cleaner air. In addition, there was also a focus on ensuring that the wood could be supplied by local suppliers to avoid long transport routes.

Exposing the wood both inside and outside the building was an important aspect of the design process. Inside the building, the wooden structure is visible in the form of walls, ceilings and beams that create a warm and cosy atmosphere and is colourfully counterbalanced with art by Sverre Bjertnæs and colourful interiors.

In several of the building’s rooms, Troldtekt A2 acoustic panels in natural wood were installed in wooden frames that go well with the natural wood material. The acoustic panels provide good acoustics in stairwells, corridors and office spaces, while also contributing to a good indoor climate. In addition, Troldtekt A2 acoustic panels with special cement are non-combustible and therefore ideal in combination with such a wooden building.

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