Construction company in Skåne (Sweden) has an attractive new head office

The construction company TEAMAB has a newly built head office in Landskrona with a warehouse and workshop as extensions of the building. Black and grey-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels add an edge to the office environment.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings are the natural choice when wanting to ensure superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in, for example, office buildings

TEAMAB is a creative construction company based in Landskrona and solves a wide range of tasks throughout the Skåne region. TEAMAB has existed since 2009 and has approximately 60 employees.

However, the company’s former office lacked better office and meeting facilities as well as a workshop and the warehouse was too large for what was needed.

TEAMAB therefore decided to build a new head office, which is now complete and in use. The old building has been handed over to a company that rents out machinery.


Office with atmospheric colour scheme

JKAB Arkitekter designed the new office building, where a lot of thought went into creating atmospheric spaces. The colour scheme is generally dark and exclusive, and the black Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in particular stand out and complement the dark wall surfaces.

The building also features Troldtekt panels painted in grey, white and a dark blue custom colour. In addition to providing a design edge, Troldtekt contributes to good acoustics in any space.

The partitions of the meeting rooms, offices and kitchenettes are made of glass to allow the distribution of light throughout the spaces, and the Troldtekt panels have also been fitted with integrated ceiling lamps.