United Exhibits HQ

The United Exhibits Group develops, produces and distributes exhibits and has the entire world as its workplace.

Troldtekt, United Exhibits
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

The company is run by Teit Ritzau, who has also been one of the driving forces behind the Utzon building. Now, the entire company – administration and development departments and production and assembly facilities – is gathered in one building near by the harbour.

The building complex has a rough outer appearance that differs from the other buildings by Kim Utzon on the waterfront. The exterior walls are in light, untreated custom-fabricated concrete. The main building comprises two pylon-shaped towers supporting the four-storey office building and is topped by a circular lantern with 12 facets corresponding to the points of the compass. Directly off the administration area is the production hall, with a roof-top terrace and two residential pavilions.

The United Exhibits Group building is the first of four corporate headquarters to be built in an area around a canal that has not yet been dug out. The foundation stone is said to come from the Pyramid of Cheops, and the building clearly alludes to ancient Egyptian architecture.