Exclusive rooms for the next generation of classics

UR Contemporary Art and Interior serves as a showcase for up-and-coming designers. To give edge to each room, different kinds of Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen – classic grey and the black-painted Troldtekt line.

Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The company UR Contemporary Art & Interior is located near Amager Beach Park, the largest beach in Copenhagen, on the ground floor of the round Twister Towers building. The 200-square-metre showroom is divided into three rooms, which together fill the round ground floor with products for high-end interior design and art lovers.

Michael Dyreholt is the owner of UR Contemporary Art & Interior.

“We choose products that are not mainstream, but unconventional and different. It’s at the exclusive end where customers care about art, design and home interiors, but don’t want a Y-chair like their neighbour’s. And where those who like art are inspired to buy designer furniture, and those who care about designer furniture are inspired to buy art,” says Michael Dyreholt.

“You won’t find department-store products at UR Contemporary Art & Interior. We do not work with mainstream brands that you can buy anywhere, but with up-and-coming new designers. That’s the idea. We want to inspire, challenge and help our customers support their identity and the universe they seek to portray.

Differently styled rooms

On the round ground floor, the outer façades are glass, so anyone feeling curious can peek in at any time of the day. Interior designers, architects and designers also use the premises as an inspiring setting for meetings.

“The experience is what really counts. You have a great experience, feel inspired or get a new idea,” Michael continues.

Inside, the first room you enter has soft, organic styling, with raw granite cladding on the walls, for example. The next room has even more raw styling using glass, concrete and iron. The third room is the brightest, as it looks out onto Amager Beach, and the sunlight streams in. Soft, bright materials such as wooden wall cladding were chosen here.

“I’m very selective about which products we take in, as I stay true to a particular look. It’s raw, edgy and feminine and masculine at the same time. The rooms generally exude iron, concrete, wood and glass, and have an urban look. The art and the designer furniture have to fit in here,” Michael explains.

Troldtekt creates atmosphere

UR Contemporary Art & Interior has two different Troldtekt acoustic solutions to create the right atmosphere: classic natural grey Troldtekt, and Troldtekt line – the latter part of Troldtekt’s award-winning design line.

“Troldtekt breaks up the surfaces; otherwise, the ceilings and walls tend to merge. Styling with the different Troldtekt solutions adds edge, while creating a cosy atmosphere. Many of my customers are enthusiastic about both the design and the acoustics, and in many cases they are in the middle of a building project. Everyone wants their home to be a pleasant place to be, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted this need as we are spending more time at home,” Michael says.