Villa designed for family living

With four children under the same roof, sound levels sometimes reach new heights. This is one of the reasons why Claus and Pernille Petersen are extremely happy with their decision to install Troldtekt acoustic panels throughout their newly built family home near Aabenraa in southern Jutland.

Troldtekt, private home Aabenraa
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The Petersen family’s architect-designed villa is situated in scenic surroundings just south of Aabenraa in southern Jutland. Boasting views of a small lake, the house covers 230 square metres and has ample space for the six-strong family and all their visitors.

The villa was completed on time, and ready for occupancy on 20 December 2016, which meant that the family could move in and celebrate their first Christmas in their new home.

Ceiling ensures pleasant acoustics
The villa’s kitchen/living room is where everyone naturally comes together, and just like in the rest of the house, no expense has been spared on the details. The kitchen – from Sønderborg Køkkenet – is centred around a kitchen island, which can even be raised and lowered to allow the youngest members of the family to help with the cooking. 

The house has vaulted ceilings and lots of space, but with four children under the same roof, it’s not always quiet. Therefore, Claus and Pernille Petersen are delighted that they chose to have Troldtekt acoustic panels installed on all the ceilings.

“The acoustics in the kitchen/living room mean that the two of us can talk at one end of the room, while at the other we have four noisy kids charging about and watching TV,” says Claus Petersen.

The entire house is fitted with white-painted Troldtekt ceiling panels, except for the teenage son’s bedroom.

“Our teenage boy wanted a black ceiling, which was perfectly feasible, as we simply had the Troldtekt acoustic panels painted black. So he now has his own little grotto up at the other end of the house,” says Claus Petersen.

Troldtekt acoustic panels in new look
When, halfway through the building work, the architect suggested acoustic panels on the ceilings, the family was initially quite sceptical, as they did not feel that the panel structure tied in with their new dream home.

“When our architect suggested Troldtekt panels on the ceilings, my immediate response was to say no. However, he went on to say that Troldtekt had a new type of panel with an extremely fine structure, and when we saw it, we agreed that it was perfect. After subsequently experiencing the panels’ acoustic properties at a building exhibition in Fredericia, we had no doubts at all that Troldtekt was the right solution for us,” says Claus Petersen.

Everyone can have a conversation
Thanks to the Troldtekt acoustic panels, the house is also perfect for festive occasions, where conversations otherwise have a tendency to drown each other out.
“At New Year, we had almost 40 guests. And everyone had something positive to say about the acoustics here. It didn’t matter at all that there were so many of us in the same room – everyone was able to sit and talk with one another,” says Claus Petersen, adding:

“Today, vaulted ceilings are extremely popular, because they provide a much greater sense of space. For such environments, I can’t recommend Troldtekt warmly enough, because the panels prevent any reverberation.