Three houses down the line...

“From experience of previous houses, we now know that we are most comfortable in a home with good acoustics,” says Kent Breinholt, owner of glass supplier Fynbo Glas ApS.

Troldtekt, Baekkelunds Have Odense
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

For Kent and Mette Breinholt it was a case of third time lucky when, in 2014, they moved into their new 240 sqm architect-designed house in an attractive neighbourhood close to Odense city centre. The impressive property is situated on a sloping plot with views of the nearby woods and lake.

In their previous home, the couple had chosen hard building materials such as plaster, tiles and large windows. However, back then they paid little attention to the acoustics, which made daily life difficult. This time, this couple took a systematic approach and enlisted the help of an architect before starting the project.

“Advice from an architect is crucial for a building project. We obviously had our dreams and ideas for the new house but working with Aspekt Arkitekter kept our feet on the ground. At the same time, we received a lot of advice regarding daylighting, materials and details,” says Mette. “As a result, the acoustics are excellent, whether we are by ourselves or having a dinner party for 20 people.  The moment you step inside the house, you can feel how calm it is. It all makes the house feel very warm and inviting, something which many of our visitors notice.”

Orange door stands out

The orange front door stands out from the crowd in the residential neighbourhood and adds a dash of colour to the otherwise neutral dark brick façade with its black window frames and black zinc panelling. Inside, Mette and Kent’s dreams have clearly been allowed to run wild. This is particularly evident in the spacious staggered interior with its huge sliding glass doors and open-plan kitchen-dining room which is the size of an urban flat in Aarhus or Copenhagen. Also worth noting is the couple’s very style-conscious design, where warmth and minimalism go hand-in-hand.

“In our previous house, the acoustics were so poor that we were forced to have lots of rugs and large pictures but even they were not very effective. In this new place, the Troldtekt ceilings mean that the acoustics are not something we have to think about at all, so we have been free to furnish it just as we please,” says Mette.

No more expensive than plasterboard

It was Kent Breinholt who introduced the Troldtekt solution. After looking at the available colours, installation options and prices, the couple found out that the solution cost the same as an ordinary plasterboard ceiling once the filling and painting costs had been included. Both of them are also very happy with the appearance of the ceiling.

“The Troldtekt ceiling goes very well with the openness of the rooms, and does a lot to make our home feel friendly and inviting,” concludes Kent.