Charming hideaway at Begtrup Vig

On Djursland is an architect-designed holiday home in a league of its own. The large windows allow the light from the sea to fill the rooms, ensuring a wonderful sense of peace and quiet in this stylish house. Here, Troldtekt ceilings were chosen for their contrasts.

Troldtekt, Begtrup Vig
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

On a slope overlooking the bay of Begtrup Vig on Djursland’s south coast lies the Madsen family’s holiday home. A charming hideaway for leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and simply enjoy the views across the Bay of Aarhus. In collaboration with an architect, the house was completely re-designed to meet the family’s wishes, so that today only the roof and outer walls remain from the original structure.

From the water, the facade is white and calm. Arriving from the other side, you drive down a narrow, hilly road to find a house with a red-brown, warm mahogany-look – on this facade, the windows and doors are clad in dark wood. Indoors, a completely different look awaits. Here, all the doors, floors, covings and skirting boards are made of oak. Common throughout is the use of high-quality materials and the suffusion of light, which together contribute to create an elegant and modern holiday home.

Troldtekt holds everything together
Every room is fitted with Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels, and white acoustic panels are also used underneath the roof overhang. Troldtekt is thus the recurring element that creates coherence throughout the house.  The adjoining shed is also clad with Troldtekt ceiling panels.

“In the house, we have played with the idea of using covings to create a distinct contrast between the walls and the Troldtekt ceilings. As we have gone for solid oak doors and floors, it was important that the walls and the ceilings are white,” says the owner, Søren Christian Madsen. 

There are several reasons why Søren Christian Madsen chose Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels for this architect-designed holiday home. First and foremost, Troldtekt was chosen to add a raw element to contrast with all the many fine materials. The ceiling has also been a benefit acoustically:

“Soundwise, the Troldtekt ceiling definitely makes a difference. Any more wood would have been too much for the house, and we’re very happy with the final result,” says Søren Christian Madsen.