New Functionalist bungalow in Skovby

The building contractor Benée Huse has built a stylish, 171-square-metre Functionalist bungalow in Skovby outside Aarhus. With its one-sided almost shed roof, the house is a new take on the classic rectangular bungalow with a pyramid-shaped roof.

Troldtekt, Benée Huse
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The bungalow was built as a show house for an Easter exhibition in 2016. Here, visitors could inspect the new architectural details before the house was handed over to its new owners in March 2017. 

“The Easter exhibition was an opportunity to show what tomorrow’s homes will look like. Among other things, the house features a lantern, where a 5 x 5-metre section of the roof is raised. This allows in more light, and enables extra ventilation by opening the upper windows. Most of the floors are made of hard concrete to create a raw New Yorker look,” says Klaus Benée, CEO of Benée Huse A/S.

Troldtekt panels ensure good acoustics
The combination of hard floors and the building’s modern minimalist furnishings can present acoustic challenges, especially where the extra ceiling height increases the reverberation. Therefore, Troldtekt acoustic ceilings have been installed throughout the house with the exception of the lantern, which has a Moelven wood ceiling.

The Troldtekt ceilings ensure comfortable acoustics in every room, especially in the kitchen-dining room which, with the centrally placed kitchen table, dining area and a special spot for doing homework, is the focal point of the house.  

Focus on indoor climate
The bungalow is constructed as a low-energy house with considerable focus on the indoor climate. Therefore, indoor climate-certified products have been chosen to the greatest possible extent which contribute to a healthy atmosphere.