Pleasant acoustics and indoor climate in Benée houses

Troldtekt, Benee Huse
Photo: Peter Beier

In Sabro near Aarhus in Denmark lies a new 153 sqm villa. Originally, it was built as a showhome by Benée Huse as an example of how one of the company’s modern, minimalist and well-designed low-energy houses looks in real life.

In addition to an expansive kitchen-living room and a bright and airy sitting room with large windows, the house has an additional three large rooms. It boasts elegant details such as sleek skirting boards, exclusive door handles and architrave-free doors and window frames.

“One detail we always like is the black shadow edge around the Troldtekt ceilings. This was inspired by the Friis & Moltke look and creates an attractive visual design effect and a coherent accent throughout the house,” explains CEO Klaus Benée.

Danish house-builder Benée Huse A/S builds about 40-50 houses a year for quality-conscious clients who know what they want and can appreciate ingenious architecture and a comfortable and excellent indoor climate throughout. 

“To achieve all this, the company only uses high-quality materials,” says Klaus. “For example, the paint we use is certified according to the Nordic Ecolabel and we always choose indoor-climate labelled floor and ceiling materials. Good acoustics is another crucial aspect to achieve a healthy indoor climate. In our experience, nothing surpasses Troldtekt acoustic panels in this respect which is why they are installed in many of our new-builds. The ceilings not only improve the acoustic performance but also enhance the visual design by creating a clean and uniform look.”