Central Jutland

- A bright home with room for teenage noise!

Troldtekt, Central Jutland
Photo: Tommy Kosior

In 2011, Susanne and Jesper moved into their dream home - a modern, roomy and colourful family house in central Jutland.  However, they soon discovered that they would have to think about the acoustics of the place because the quarry tiles on the floors and other hard surfaces had such poor sound absorption qualities.  

“There were four of us but it often sounded like grand central station,” explains Jesper.

They began searching for the right solution until their local DIY retailer recommended Troldtekt.  At first, Susanne only wanted Troldtekt on the ceiling in the kitchen cum dining area with wooden panels installed on the remaining ceilings. However, after visiting another house with Troldtekt ceilings in all of the rooms, she saw that it looked really good. Furthermore, a visit to another home with wooden ceilings convinced her that good acoustics would make a very big difference. Consequently, Troldtekt panels were installed on the ceilings in all of the rooms as well as in the garage and on the roofed terrace.

The family is delighted that their Troldtekt solution has exceeded all expectations both aesthetically and acoustically.

“I think it fits the house perfectly,” says Jesper.  “The small details and the way that the LED spots have been naturally integrated into the panels are very nice. The sound is amazing. At Christmas, there were 16 people in the living room but it didn’t feel anything like that number.”

Even with a teenager who likes to play loud music, the house is strikingly quiet. In the boy’s room, concealed Troldtekt speakers and a subwoofer have also been integrated into the Troldtekt panels.

Jesper adds, “Now, he can play Playstation and watch DVDs with his friends as much as he likes!”