The high-ceilinged house of quiet

Troldtekt, Dragoer
Photo: Morten Langkilde

In Dragør Denmark and only 200 metres from the sea, Frederik Houen Clausen and his young family can now enjoy the green surroundings and the smell of their newly built property.

“Even though my wife Trine and I have clear ideas about what we like, we were extremely privileged to have my architect sister to help us and be an invaluable sounding-board throughout the entire construction process,” says Frederik.

The unusual and dynamic solution was to build a staggered house and to divide its 181 square metres over two floors. The final design comprises two plastered white structures linked by a wood core. At the top of the central element is a wood lined roof terrace offering far-reaching views across the trees. Another part overlooks the garden and is slightly higher with a steep roof pitch which falls away to one side.

Acoustics a key factor from the beginning
The interior of the building is characterised by its space and height, particularly in the main kitchen/living room where there is more than 7 metres to the top of the vaulted ceiling. To counteract problems with acoustics and create the best possible environment, Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels have been installed in most of the rooms. 

“Troldtekt really makes a huge difference and creates a very pleasant effect, especially upstairs where noise is almost completely absorbed,” says Frederik. “Previously, we lived in a flat in Valby for a while where the acoustics were frightful. That made us realise just how important it was to incorporate sound dampening in this house from the start.”

 “Because I am in the building trade, I felt completely confident choosing cement-bonded wood wool for my home. Also in relation to the visual aesthetics, particularly its fine structure and white colour, it looks really good,” says Frederik who would have no hesitation about choosing Troldtekt again if he and his family happen to embark on a new building project.