Eastern Jutland


Troldtekt, Eastern Jutland
Photo: Tommy Kosior

In 2008, Morten took over a comfortable house in eastern Jutland, part of which the previous owners had already renovated. In fact, from 1889 to 1989, the house functioned as a bakery, with the living room used to be a storage room for flour, and therefore the history of the house was very special to him. 

However, the upper floor still needed refurbishment and to be converted into the living and music room which Morten wanted. Because he preferred a minimalistic and clean style, he wanted to get away from the snow-white look, so his first step was to remove the paint from the exposed beams and then to change the ceiling.

“The ceilings were white but the rustic boards made it look like a doll’s house. I wanted to make the room more raw and rustic and to give back to the house the dignity it had when it was originally used as a bakery,” says Morten.

With his great interest in music, Morten knew that acoustics were a problem. Since he did not fancy curtains or heavy carpets, the obvious solution was to install an acoustic ceiling with the raw look that he preferred.  Consequently, he chose white-painted Troldtekt acoustic panels with v-groves and a plank effect.

He explains, “Plasterboard wouldn’t match my style but Troldtekt adds a lot more to the ambience that I want to express with this room. It was easy for me to install and the instructions on the website were a great help.”

Morten is delighted with the result and very happy that he has succeeded in creating a soulful room with incredibly pleasant acoustics.

“The funny thing is I don’t even notice it anymore but guests always comment on the acoustics and atmosphere in here,” he adds.