Energy-efficient private house with multifunctional basement

Fitness training, relaxing and celebrating family occasions – the light-flooded basement of a new house near central Heilbronn offers space for it all.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, private homes
Photo: Olaf Wiechers

This modern, spacious new home sits on a large green plot, and is centrally located in Heilbronn, making the clients’ dream of owning their own home come true. It is not only the architecture that stands out here; the zero-energy house (on the balance sheet) boasts many other special features. This includes the basement, which is much more than just a storage place and completely unlike any typical basement.

Space for gymnastics and parties

The basement, flooded with light thanks to its large windows, offers ample room to practise gymnastics in the ‘climbing jungle’ with its rings, trapeze and rope, which is attached to the ceiling above two gym mats. There is also a seating area featuring a sofa and beanbags, perfect for lounging about.

And the large room boasts a modern kitchenette including a wine fridge. In addition, the wooden panelling on the wall has built-in wine bottle holders. The bottles in the holders on the wall are absolutely eye-catching – a highly effective creative design element. The room is perfect for all kinds of family occasions, private get-togethers and work meetings, as well as play dates for the children. It can also serve as a place of retreat, and offers direct outdoor access with steps leading up into the garden.

Troldtekt acoustic panels accentuate the ceiling

The ceilings have been fitted with acoustic panels, ensuring not only optimal sound absorption but also a perfect visual match with the light furnishings, grey floor and light wood on the walls.

While ceiling panels with a calm, white surface have been installed in the rear area housing the kitchenette and seating area, the ceiling area near the window facade features the Troldtekt Line Design. Narrow strip lighting installed in the milled grooves of the ceiling panels provide additional design accents.

White Troldtekt acoustic panels are also used on the ceiling of the spacious, light-flooded relaxation and fitness room. Once you have burned off all of your energy using the fitness equipment, relax in the glass sauna or enjoy looking outside from the comfort of the sofa or chair. Visually, the acoustic panels work perfectly with the light grey floor and dark brown and white walls, contributing to a pleasant, calm atmosphere.