From their home in Ejstrupholm, Karen and Christian Østergaard enjoy a view of the local lake which is only 30 metres away. They have done this since 2006, when their new holiday home was finished - a home designed and built by the couple with some help from their son.

Troldtekt, Ejstrupholm
Photo: Tommy Kosior

The house comprises two parallel buildings connected by a small passage. One of the buildings is the actual house while the other includes an activity room where the family can play musical instruments or undertake hobbies, such as weaving.

The house totals 300 square metres and a third of this has vaulted ceilings, which is a sign that the family enjoys large open spaces. However, they soon discovered that this can cause bad acoustics, particularly in combination with large windows and stone floors.

“At first we thought that plasterboards should be installed on the ceilings.  Then we saw an advert for Troldtekt acoustic panels with integrated speakers. Since we are very interested in music, we decided to visit a Troldtekt showroom. Here, we heard the difference between a room with a plasterboard ceiling and one with a Troldtekt ceiling – and what a difference it was,” says Christian Østergaard.

The family has an ageless passion for music and spends a lot of time in the activity room listening to music or playing the instruments. It is here that Troldtekt has really makes a dramatic difference.

“With Troldtekt, the music is experienced in a different way. It is so clear and there is no distortion whatsoever. You also feel it when you are in the house just talking. All noise is gone. It’s very pleasant. Troldtekt is also very competitive in terms of installation because it is so quickly and easily fixed,” says Christian Østergaard, who now has several friends who have installed Troldtekt after visiting the family.