A fresh indoor climate

In a modern semi-detached house in Lippstadt, a Troldtekt ceiling ensures a fresh indoor climate.

A newly built semi-detached house near the centre of Lippstadt in North Rhine-Westphalia features a bright, modern and open-plan interior with magnificent views of the generous garden beyond. The entire living area on the ground floor is impressively spacious and open, with the kitchen, dining and living spaces merging to form a single harmonious and inviting space. Instead of doors, wide openings in the walls cleverly demarcate the different zones.

A long, floor-to-ceiling window façade offers views of the large garden and lets in plenty of daylight. Pale floors and walls are combined with wooden window frames and black and white elements.


Ceiling takes centre stage

The Troldtekt acoustic ceiling, with integrated small round lights, ensures a healthy indoor environment with good acoustics and a bright colour, which is enhanced by the light.