A large unbroken expanse of ceiling

The family’s home was due for extensive renovation and expansion. Consequently, there were many choices to be made with respect to materials and architectural style. The result is an optimised spatial coherence, but with the utmost respect for the property’s original style.

Superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in private homes with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, arkitekt Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

The 1960s’ detached single-family house has been extended several times since it was originally built, but following this comprehensive project, the family finally has a large sitting room which brings everything together while also strengthening its contact with the garden.

“It was tempting to choose a new style for the house, but we decided to retain the yellow brick inside and the black fascia panels on the exterior walls,” says Sara Brandi.

The family chose the design solution Troldtekt line in white for all the ceilings in the house except in one bathroom where black Troldtekt line was fitted. Here, the family wanted a different, more intense spa atmosphere.

Continuous precision
In opting for Troldtekt line, the family chose an acoustic ceiling which comes across as one large, unbroken surface rather than being composed of assembled panels. Troldtekt line has milled, longitudinal evenly spaced grooves that continue across the panel joins.

The lines of the acoustic panels create a precise and elegant look that perfectly complements the modernist 1960s house. At the same time, the ceiling appears very textural and vibrant when looking at it perpendicular to the lines. A very fine detail, says Sara Brandi.

The family is extremely happy with the ceiling, which also emphasises the room’s open and minimal decor, and it has met their expectations as regards its positive acoustic effect. The house has become an oasis of both acoustic and aesthetic tranquillity!