Holistically designed holiday home

Troldtekt Futurehouse
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

This dramatic house at Bølshavn, on the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, is a great demonstration of how a holiday home can be designed to function successfully all year round and in all weathers.  Known as Futurehuset, it’s a highly energy efficient property built according to Active House principles.

Local contractor Erik Damgaard from QualiByg ApS recently presented Futurehuset at the People’s Meeting, a Danish political festival held every summer on the island, because he is passionate about buildings with a low environmental impact and has already built several Passive House homes. He says that it has been an extremely interesting process and is thrilled that the house is as comfortable as expected.

Futurehuset is energy self-sufficient thanks to a geothermal heat pump which supplies heating and ventilation, together with solar cells on the monopitch roof which power the heat pump and other installations. The windows are very large and positioned in various directions to give a balanced indoor climate and temperatures.

Sustainable materials inside and out
The holiday home is located in a new development close to the coast and boasts spectacular views of Bornholm’s north-eastern coastline.  It has been designed with a multi-level interior to embrace the views while making the most of the sloping plot.  The simple, symmetrical architecture harmonises beautifully with the essential  considerations of comfort, energy and environment. Inside, it is packed with modern eco-friendly technology ensuring a comfortable indoor climate which is immediately noticeable on stepping inside the high-ceilinged building.
Troldtekt acoustic panels – one of the many materials used to construct the house – have been installed on all the ceiling surfaces, providing extremely pleasant acoustics and functioning as a unifying element throughout. The facade has been clad in maintenance-free natural slate and wood fibre insulation.