Nature welcomed into private residence

Just outside Horsens, Denmark, a family of five has built their dream home, where nature has been incorporated into the floor plan. The result is a bright and open living space, where the choice of materials gives the house warmth and a cosy feeling.

The home is bright and modern with well-thought-out materials and a floor plan that opens up the house in its own special way.

Charlotte Dalgaard is a former construction consultant and designed the family’s house herself. She explains that they wanted an open and bright floor plan that would draw the outdoors into every room, so they chose to use extra square metres to 'unfold' the house so that it would have many open sides for morning sun, evening sun and nature.

- We love the open, light-filled rooms with views that work well with the warm oak tones in the flooring, mouldings, door frames, kitchen, hallway and bathroom cabinets. It feels open, but at the same time warm and cosy."


A truly unique interior

The house is built with a light beige brick facade without overhangs, but with recessed walls, so that there is a covered terrace to the west and shade for the rooms to the south. A wooden terrace was also built all around the house, and solar panels were integrated into the roof.

Large windows let in beautiful light, and the large kitchen offers views of all four corners of the world. Charlotte Dalgaard talks about the floor plan:

- We chose a floor plan with many open lines, where you can see all the way through the house. For example, from the entrance hall there is a direct view of the garden to the north, down the children’s corridor you can see the morning sun, and at the opposite end of the house there is a view of the evening sun shining through the trees.


Calm and long lines

For all of the home's ceilings, the family chose Troldtekt acoustic panels in the Troldtekt line design variant, which have longitudinal grooves milled into the surface. The panels are painted white, which supports the home's bright rooms, but also gives a rustic and natural look to the otherwise new and streamlined design.

Charlotte Dalgaard explains that they already knew about the benefits of Troldtekt acoustic panels, so they had no doubts about the choice of material for the ceilings:

- We needed a material that could absorb a lot of sound from the open spaces while supporting the long lines through the house. We also wanted a ceiling that was different. We are really happy with our choice. There is complete peace and quiet and no echoing effect, and the panels can even be used in the bathrooms and in the covered areas outside. As a result, the lines continue all the way to the sky."