Sleek minimalism with controlled acoustics

In 2017, HusCompagniet built a minimalist single-storey villa with 167 square metres of floor space and commanding spectacular views of the golf course and the countryside stretching away into the distance.

Troldtekt, Private home, Haderslev
Photo: HusCompagniet

The minimalist style characterises both the interior and the exterior of the house in Haderslev in southern Jutland, which also challenges the conventional approach with its straight gables without any overhang, with an integrated woodburner and a 15-degree sloping ceiling in the kitchen/living room in the heart of the house.

“At HusCompagniet, we like consistency between the architecture and materials – for the best overall impression. At Køllesvinget in Haderslev, we therefore decided to install Troldtekt on all the ceilings,” says Morten Corydon, sales manager at HusCompagniet.

Making a difference in all rooms
Troldtekt acoustic panels ensure good acoustics in all the rooms, both large and small. And specially because the house has hard floors – with large tiles and wide wooden planks – and because of the angling of the kitchen/living room ceiling, it is necessary to devote considerable focus to the acoustics. If HusCompagniet had not chosen Troldtekt acoustic ceilings for the kitchen/living room, the noise from one room would have reverberated and caused poor acoustics in the other.

“We often advocate the use of Troldtekt acoustic panels. No matter whether a house is large or small, high or low, Troldtekt makes a positive difference to the acoustics. It really is wonderful stepping into a house where you can feel that the sound has been dampened in the way that Troldtekt ceilings do. This is also why we want to show future home-owners that Troldtekt acoustic panels work really well in modern, minimalist homes,” says Morten Corydon.