Spectacular villa in Herning

Årstiderne Arkitekter designed this unique villa at the end of a gently curving avenue that serves as an impressive driveway to Dorthe and Bent Povlsen's palatial house in Herning.

Private home, Herning
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The beautiful surroundings, looking more like a park than a normal garden, comprise views of several small lakes and undulating landscape. The 350 sqm ultramodern building has three open floors built using simple but exclusive materials. "We run an interior design and furniture store – Muubs – where we sell products with a rustic and urban appearance,” explains Bent Povlsen.  “We wanted this style to be reflected in our home."

A good match for the raw style
Together with Årstiderne Arkitekter, the couple decided to adopt a strictly minimalist design based on tiles, glass, wood and concrete. However, the open layout and hard materials meant that the acoustics had to be carefully considered.

"We were already familiar with Troldtekt acoustic panels and felt that their appearance was a good match for our slightly raw style. It was therefore decided to line all the ceilings on all three floors with white Troldtekt panels with an ultrafine structure. This dampens the sound very well and provides a more rustic and homely interplay with the other materials. Acoustic plasterboard or similar materials would not have given the same result and the place could have quickly started to look like an office," says Bent.

Unique architecture such as this obviously deserves carefully considered furnishings. The large combined kitchen and living area and the many other large and smaller rooms all express the couple's sense of design. Naturally, the couple have furnished their house with the same furniture from Muubs with which  they work every day.