Elegance returns to architect-designed house

When the opportunity arose to move into an architectural gem near fields and woods, the Vestergaard family moved from Aarhus to Lind, near Herning. One can hear the sound of wind rustling the trees to the joyful sounds of the children playing hide-and-seek in the woods around the house. Minor refurbishments enhanced all the qualities of the house.

Stylish ceiling cladding with the design solution Troldtekt line ensures optimal room acoustics
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, arkitekt Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

Anton Christensen of Herning designed the large single-family house in 1972 to blend in with the surrounding fields and woods. Changing owners have left their mark on the house, but the basic qualities are preserved and were obvious to structural designer Nicolai Vestergaard, who mainly replaced floors and ceilings in selected rooms.

The house is laid out with a flat-roof arrival area. This is where entryway, extra toilet, kitchen and dining room are located. It is possible to see right through this part of the house to the open expanses behind the garden. On one side is a wing of rooms with a steeply sloped roof, and on the other, a spacious living room with a fireplace and the same dramatically pitched roof. There is both a high window with a view of the woods and a panoramic window with a view of both fields and woods.

New continuity

The dining area, now part of a multipurpose room that includes the kitchen, did not have ideal acoustics, and the family had been fond of using Troldtekt ceilings to modulate the acoustics in their previous home.

In this setting, they chose the design solution Troldtekt line in all the rooms of the flat-roofed section. The ceiling marks both the continuity among the three parts of the house and their transverse interconnection.

In addition, Troldtekt line corresponds elegantly with the rustic ceiling of the living room and the grooved ceilings of the other rooms. Troldtekt acoustic panels are so narrowly spaced from the walls that they accentuate the ceiling and the room in general with elegant precision. Despite lines going in several directions, the space is experienced as calm and in keeping with its original architecture.