A string of quality homes

The housing development ‘Sølykken’ in Hjortshøj comprises modern homes near Aarhus with unspoilt countryside on the doorstep. The 18 semi-detached houses make up their own small road, connecting everyone living on Sølykken and creating a local sense of community.

Troldtekt, Hjortshøj terraced houses
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Sølykken is a harmonious residential development with two rows of houses oriented towards and with views of a small lake and the open, surrounding countryside. Architecturally, the houses are modern in style with simple lines and well-composed facades. Black window frames and wood-clad sections contrast attractively with the pale bricks. On one side of the short street are 100-square-metre split-level semi-detached houses, while the houses closest to the lake measure 130 square metres on three split levels rather than two, following the sloping terrain down towards the water. The Sølykken development was designed and built by LTM Arkitekt- og byggefirma ApS, which specialises in high-quality residential properties. The emphasis is on structures and materials of a superior quality.

Three levels
In the homes on three split levels, the layout works extremely well with open connections between all the rooms. Daylight floods in to amplify the sense of space and airiness in the building. The ceilings in the kitchen and dining area are high, yet the acoustics have in no way been compromised. In all 18 terraced houses, ultrafine Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed on the ceilings, ensuring pleasant acoustics and thus a good indoor environment. Morten B. Larsen from LTM says: “Together with the client, we decided to go for white Troldtekt acoustic panels with ultrafine structure. The result is an attractive and pretty timeless ceiling with an outstanding green profile. However, the main advantage is the fantastic acoustic properties.” LTM performed acoustic calculations on the houses, and then chose Troldtekt as the ceiling material with the best acoustic properties and a profile that ties in with the emphasis on high-quality materials.