Bespoke coloured Troldtekt acoustic panels enhance private house renovation

With a unique location on the edge of the city Leende in the Netherlands and overlooking fields and trees, the family wanted to create a private residence with open living space and a minimalist design to make the most of this view.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, private homes

As trends towards large open interior spaces and hard surfaces continue, so the associated problem of controlling reverberated sound bouncing off the floors and walls has to be resolved.  

A good example is this private home in Leende in the Netherlands. Having purchased the property in 2016, the family remodelled the house by removing walls and opening up the interior. Uniquely situated at the edge of town and overlooking fields and trees, the family wanted to create an open-plan living space to capitalise on the views and to create a minimalist chic-hotel feel.

Architect Marcel van de Wolfshaar based his design around the surrounding natural world. This included Belvedere Quartzite worktops, hard floors, high-end sustainable materials and plenty of natural light through large glass windows to frame the view. To help combat the problems of reverberating noise and poor acoustics from all these hard surfaces, Troldtekt® line was specified. With its perfectly symmetrical vertical lines in a bespoke moss-grey finish, the panels are used to clad the walls to absorb noise from family gatherings. The milled lines which run across the panels offer an additional sophisticated and interesting architectural feature while combining panels creates continuous grooves with a seamless look and tactile surface.

Troldtekt® line forms part of the ‘design solutions’ range which offers architects great flexibility while each solution is intended to form a complete acoustic surface, whether large or small. The 11 different designs each has its own distinctive pattern and a unique style which, when coupled with colours, offers specifiers huge amounts of flexibility to realise their most creative projects.