Show house with design solution

The newly opened Byg & Nyt exhibition outside Herning is showcasing nine different modern homes.This year, ide-huse® has built a new house featuring, among other things, the brand new Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels that are particularly suitable for homes.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

ide-huse® is an experienced construction company that has a clear idea of the wants and needs of homebuyers. Their 181-square-metre Funkis/atrium show house combines practical access to the property with aesthetically designed interiors and exteriors. All the materials have been carefully chosen, with quality the overriding priority.

On stepping in, the open entrance hall is partitioned off by a New Yorker glass wall, which retains the sense of openness. The living areas are grouped in the middle of the house, from where there is access to a private courtyard. The parents’ and the children’s bedrooms are placed at opposite ends of the house, each with their own bathroom.

Discreet ceilings

Great emphasis has been placed on creating a sense of continuity between all the rooms and an architecturally coherent result. At the same time, good acoustics are crucial in a modern home, where sound-absorbing surfaces are often few and far between.

In the show house, the choice fell on the brand new Troldtekt v-line 1way 10, which is a white, ultra-fine panel. The v-shaped grooves introduce attractive lines to the rooms, while the uniformity of the ceiling surfaces help tie all the rooms together. V-line has v-shaped grooves milled into panel, and is a more discreet design solution than Troldtekt line, which is used for a more distinctive look.