Warmth and charm in Malling

Troldtekt, Malling
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

“You need Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels throughout the house, both inside and out,” said the architect emphatically when Katrine and Martin were building their new home in Malling, south of Aarhus. The couple had plasterboard ceilings in their previous house and therefore assumed they would have the same in their new one.

“Ceilings may account for a relatively large part of the total surface area but, like many other people, we have never spent much time and energy on finding the right ceiling solution. It is actually a bit funny when you think about everything else you have to consider when building a house,” says Katrine.

Competent advice provided good solutions

Their architect from Cubo argued that the couple and their young children should not run the risk of living in a house with poor acoustics.  Consequently, he recommended Troldtekt in natural wood to introduce warmth and provide contrast with the bare concrete floor and white plaster walls. Katrine and Martin had a lot of faith in him and their builders, so they followed the advice. Today, they are delighted that they did so.

“We never dreamed that the final result would ever be like this. Even when we clatter around with plates and cutlery, or our son makes a lot of noise with his toys, it doesn’t echo around the house. I think that says something about the quality of the advice we were given. The combination of materials may seem unconventional but now that the house is finished, the choice of concrete flooring, white walls and acoustic ceilings produces a clear coherent solution. It adds warmth, personality and charm,” says Martin.