Exclusive new build surrounded by nature

Danish entrepreneur Matilde Trobeck shares lifestyle and home content with her approximately 105,000 followers on Instagram. Together with her husband, she has now built her dream home north of Copenhagen. In the core of the house, the couple chose Troldtekt v-line, which gives the room an elegant design.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in private home

Since the beginning of 2022, Matilde Trobeck, who is best known from Instagram, and her husband, Kristian Hebsgaard, civil engineer and co-architect of the house, have been busy building their dream home in Hørsholm. The house will constitute the centre of their family life and the upbringing of the couple’s two children.

With the forest as a back garden, it was obvious for Matilde and Kristian to incorporate nature directly into the home. This has created a natural green thread that runs throughout the 180 square metres home, and now the couple are thoroughly enjoying the finished result.

"We’ve brought nature inside by providing views of the forest and choosing organic materials. That’s why we have oak planks throughout the house, and we've chosen an oak kitchen with white natural stone. In general, we've focused on natural colours and textures," says Kristian Hebsgaard.

With windows on both sides of the house’s core, the large kitchen-living room, the family has views of the forest from the driveway – as well as plenty of daylight to brighten up the indoor space. So it’s no surprise that the kitchen-living room is the couple’s favourite place in their newly built home.

"The ultimate dream was to build a house with a living room that has space for us to be together as a family, but also space for each of us to do our own things in the same room. We love the large cooking island, where the children can draw while I cook without missing out on socialising," says Matilde Trobeck.


Good acoustics in a home full of life

The large, 42-square metre kitchen-living room has over four metres of vaulted ceiling. That in itself calls for a good acoustic solution, which is even more crucial with two young children and lots of visitors. In addition to ensuring the right acoustics, it was important for the couple that the acoustic solution chosen for the kitchen-living room matched the house’s design and minimalist Nordic style.

Matilde and Kristian quickly fell in love with Troldtekt’s design solution Troldtekt v-line. And their choice fell on the 1way model in black with 6 milled v-shaped grooves that run in the same direction as the plank floor. The colour black caught the couple's eye after seeing a home with the same look they wanted to create themselves. But over the course of the project Matilde was a little worried about the colour that had been chosen.

"I’ve been contacted by many people who thought it would visually reduce the room's height and make it too dark to live in. But since then, several of them have come back to me and said, “We understand your choice now, it’s so great!”. And I totally agree. We’ve brought out such a cool look," says Matilde.

The design solution creates a uniform ceiling which, in addition to good acoustics, adds a distinctive look to the interior. Together with natural wood materials, the couple have succeeded in creating just the right atmosphere:

"For us, the black colour helps draw the surrounding nature and forest into the house. This creates just the right calm atmosphere in the room with its very high ceilings. In the evening, it feels like the ceiling blends in with the night sky," says Kristian Hebsgaard.


More about the home

Matilde and Kristian share inspiration and advice on interior design, material choices and the building process with their approx. 22,000 followers on their Instagram profile @matildeogkristianshus. They have actively used the profile throughout the entire construction process, and they also put their thoughts into words behind the chosen acoustic solution from Troldtekt.