Raw look and good acoustics in the heart of Odense

Location is usually paramount when looking for a new flat to buy. However, what potential buyers often overlook is the acoustics. Claus Lund Clausen, who buys, renovates and sells flats, is well aware of this.

Troldtekt, Odense
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Claus Lund Clausen has renovated and sold numerous flats in Odense. He owns the company GLANT, which converts and renovates homes on Funen – over the years it has added up to quite a number. Among them is the flat in Søndergade, which was recently re-sold. With a floor area of 125 square metres, the flat is divided into two bedrooms and a large kitchen/living room.

The flat features a number of New Yorker-style elements, such as an exposed brick wall and vertical, rough wooden beams from floor to ceiling. The look is rustic, and appealingly contrasted with the white kitchen and the elegant herringbone parquet floor.

Communal rooms need careful consideration

With a good handful of sold flats under his belt, Claus Lund Clausen knows what buyers want and what sells. For him, it’s not just a question of giving customers what they are after now, but to consider their long-term needs.

“Lots of people want large, open communal living areas, but you need to think carefully if a flat should both be functional and also a pleasant living space, and here the acoustics play a significant role,” says Claus Lund Clausen.

Troldtekt throughout

Therefore, Claus Lund Clausen installs Troldtekt in virtually all the flats he is involved in refurbishing. In the flat in Søndergade, all the ceilings are clad in white Troldtekt acoustic panels.

“Although good acoustics are not something that everyone thinks about when house-hunting, it’s definitely something they appreciate once they move in. The fact that it’s so easy for us to install Troldtekt ceilings only increases their appeal. Especially in a flat such as this one with exposed beams, where it’s awkward to fit plasterboard in between,” says Claus Lund Clausen, adding:

“Together with the raw brick wall and herringbone parquet floor, the ceilings also provide a good contrast with the white walls. Troldtekt gives the flat personality, and makes it stand out.”