A stylish new build where light meets nature

Married couple Lotte and Julius Böing from Mårslet in Denmark have built their very own dream home that exudes Scandinavian simplicity. This spacious new family home has its own woodland in the back garden, generous daylight and good acoustics.

New housing estates are emerging to the south of Danish city Aarhus in the town of Mårslet and its surrounding area; and with good reason. This is a scenic area with all the everyday essentials close to hand and easy access to Aarhus on the new narrow-gauge railway.

Lotte and Julius Böing bought their plot of land in Mårslet in 2021. And their modern dream home now stands complete. The couple have created a home that is in synergy with its surroundings. The site borders with a forest and the family has fully incorporated the rays of sunshine into the building's layout.

"We were pretty certain about how we wanted our house to look. We have tried to stick with a modern, Nordic theme all through the house, and natural light was a particularly important priority. So we knew right from the start that our glass panels had to extend from floor to ceiling," says Julius Böing.

The heart of the house is its central kitchen and multi-purpose room, which extends into a living room at a lower level. Daylight floods in from both the kitchen and living room side, as well as from the kitchen skylights. A long hallway provides access to two bedrooms, a bathroom and the utility room. To the opposite side of the living room is the 'parents’ wing' with a bedroom and bathroom. The couple have also built a double garage and a 90-square-metre terrace along the back of the house.


A private oasis

The couple designed the house and selected the materials themselves. Julius Böing owns his own carpentry firm, which made the decision-making and construction process easier. Oak and grey and white colours bring a calm and light atmosphere to the otherwise hectic everyday life of a family with children.

Julius and Lotte Böing have designed the house around an atrium courtyard. The enclosed courtyard is a perfect oasis in the middle of the home, connecting indoor and outdoor environments.

"The atrium courtyard gives us both an outdoor communal area and some outdoor privacy. We have built a house in a housing estate area, and building this courtyard allowed us to bypass the need for windows that look out onto the shared street," says Julius Böing.

From the atrium courtyard you can look all the way through the house from the kitchen island to the forest in the back garden. This gives the family a greater sense of cohesion between the individual rooms in the house and the outdoors.


A love of good acoustics

Like the atrium courtyard, pleasant acoustics were also a very important feature for the couple. Julius Böing’s background in carpentry and Lotte Böing's career as an audiologist mean that they both understand the importance of good acoustics in a home. And with almost three metres to the ceiling, acoustic considerations were essential.

"We originally chose acoustic plaster ceilings for our house, but we changed our plans after living for a while in a small trailer with Troldtekt. We really noticed how much of a difference Troldtekt’s acoustic panels make," says Julius Böing.

They ended up choosing the white Troldtekt line design solution to maintain the airy and light atmosphere.

"It just works. We can talk quietly to each other in each room and even shout from one room to another and still understand what is being said. The acoustic ceiling really comes into its own when we have a lot of people in the house. We just had a christening with 75 guests and the acoustics were really pleasant."

The couple have installed Troldtekt line in the kitchen/multi-purpose room, the living room, hallway and entrance hall, as well as in four rooms. Even the garage features Troldtekt’s classic acoustic panels in white. The bathrooms will soon also benefit from the installation of acoustic panels:

 "We really regret that we didn't install acoustic panels in the bathrooms. The acoustics in our bathrooms are so ridiculously bad that the difference is very noticeable. Time will tell whether we will go with a ceiling or a wall solution," concludes Julius Böing.