New house with lake views

Location, location, location. For Lars and Bodil, location has always been an important parameter. Thus, it was the location with scenic views of the lake that clinched the decision to buy the house in Ry in East Jutland. Equally important was their decision to install Troldtekt acoustic panels throughout the house.

Troldtekt, private home, Ry
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

In December 2016, Lars Peder Pedersen and Bodil Kristensen moved into their dream house. The house is located in the heart of Ry – surrounded by beautiful countryside with views of one of the large lakes in the area. 

When Lars and Bodil originally bought the property, it was quite a different building. It was an old house, which they demolished in order to build their own single-family property from scratch. A building that would turn out to be their dream home.   

Going for acoustic ceilings
Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed on all the ceilings. A decision that was based on thorough considerations and comparisons with, for example, acoustic plasterboard.

“We had no doubts about investing in an acoustic ceiling. The acoustics have been unbearable in many of the newbuilds that we’ve visited. So, it was our first choice – definitely. And then I knew all about Troldtekt through my job at Rambøll, the consulting engineers,” says Lars Peder Pedersen. 

Acoustic panels are installed throughout the house, where Lars and Bodil have also chosen recurring materials for the walls and floors.

A different look
The couple set out to create a refined look in their home. The ceiling has therefore been installed in a different way to most Troldtekt ceilings. They have sought to recreate the clean lines from the floor joins by placing the Troldtekt joins opposite one another as opposed to the traditional solution where the joins are staggered. At the same time, they have established a plaster frieze along all the edges to give the Troldtekt ceiling a lighter, floating look.

“We have pored over every single detail in our house. Troldtekt is very sound-absorbent, so the reverberation time is now completely perfect. This is important, as we have a tiled floor in the sitting room and a minimalist interior, which can challenge the acoustics,” says Lars Peder Pedersen.

In other words, the couple has – with the pleasing acoustics – created the basis for a good indoor climate. One thing that they both believe has a big influence on their well-being.