Sustainable housing in Humlebæk

A small series of terraced houses in Humlebæk, bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as a hallmark of sustainability and a good indoor climate.

Situated in a cul-de-sac in a large residential area of Humlebæk, 10 terraced houses have just been built in four clusters, separated by a superb courtyard setting. There is a plenty of variety, where the ceiling of the three-bedroom homes follows the slope of the roof, giving high ceilings, and other homes have four rooms, distributed over two storeys. Each individual home is slightly staggered relative to the neighbouring house.

The houses are rendered white, with wooden sections between windows and doors to reinforce the modernist architecture with consistent bands of windows. Both formats have the kitchen (and stairs) in the middle of the house, while the small homes receive extra light from skylights in the hallway and higher windows in the living room.

Consistent construction line

In all the homes, white Troldtekt line has been used on the ceilings of the living room. This solution ensures good acoustics in the room where the family typically gathers. The choice of Troldtekt line also underscores the architecturally sharp style of “Humlebæk Strandhuse”, where the lines point outwards to the large window sections as you enter the home.

Troldtekt is registered in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel database of materials for use in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled construction. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel goes hand in hand with sustainability, signifying a good indoor climate in these homes, for example by the choice of materials and type of windows. In addition, the homes have low energy consumption and have passed a stringent structural survey. For the certification, many materials must also be recyclable, and there are special requirements regarding sustainable wood.