Black ceilings add edge to architect-designed property

The owner of the Liv & Stiil lifestyle store in Randers, Anette Rasmussen, and her husband have given new life to a slightly sad 1980s house. Situated in a dream location, the property has undergone extensive renovation and refurbishment, which has included the installation of black Troldtekt® line ceilings, to turn it into the couple’s dream home.

Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The children have flown the nest, and Anette and Brian Rasmussen felt that the time had come to try something new. In February 2021, they therefore made the move from what was quite a large modern villa to an architect-designed property from the 1980s, situated in a dream location in the Hornbæk district in southern Randers.

“We fell immediately for the scenic location with the woods at the bottom of the garden, and from our new balcony we even have a view of the fjord. On the sloping plot, the garden is arranged at different levels. “We simply loved it the minute we saw it,” says Anette Rasmussen.

New and old

The Hornbæk property has a floor area of 176 square metres and sits on a 1,000 square metre plot. Over the summer, Anette and Brian Rasmussen have built a 150 square metre combined wooden patio and balcony around the house to make the most of the beautiful views.

“We came from a more modern and more minimalist house, but wanted a more rustic look. I have also gone for quite a different décor and put more emphasis on creating ‘hygge’ and keeping things simple, for example by using wood and calming colours,” Anette Rasmussen explains.

In connection with the renovation, the couple wanted to preserve the original architecture, while at the same time making their own mark. They have primarily done so by going for a concrete floor, new panoramic windows, and black Troldtekt acoustic ceilings.

“The house is red-brick, and many people choose to plaster brick facades these days, but we were keen to preserve the original look.”

Black Troldtekt as a contrast

Anette and Brian Rasmussen have had Troldtekt acoustic panels installed in all the rooms in the house. The choice fell on the design solution Troldtekt line with continuous grooves along the entire ceiling surface.

In addition to their acoustic properties, the Troldtekt panels add calm, while creating a stunning contrast to the other materials. The architect and designer Bruno Jakobsen recommended the black acoustic panels.

“We had never heard about about black acoustic ceilings, but we seized the idea and love it. We have a penchant for black and grey colours in general, so the black Troldtekt panels suit our style – and go well with the red brick,” says Anette Rasmussen, who adds:

“Everyone who comes to our house or has seen pictures of our black ceilings comments on how beautiful they are. In fact, it has become a bit of a topic of conversation among customers in my shop.”

Passionate about interior design

Anette Rasmussen owns and runs the Liv & Stiil lifestyle store, which is located in the old Latin Quarter in Randers. In addition to clothing, she sells home accessories, and interior design is also her private passion. On the store’s Instagram profile livogstiil, Anette Rasmussen shares beautiful interior design photos from her home – to inspire others.

“I can’t wait to realise all my ideas, and I’ve already started thinking about my next project for our house. I like to invite other people into my interior design universe, where hopefully they will feel inspired.”