Tangible renovation!

For a family in Aalborg, their most recent home improvement project has involved the extensive renovation of their single-family house, which was a surprisingly positive experience.

Troldtekt, Boligrenovering Aalborg
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

The villa, from the early 1970s, has been the family’s home for the past 12 years, and recently it has been gradually renovated, for example with new insulation in the roof and floors as well as new windows. The house is on two levels, with the entrance, kitchen, dining room and children’s rooms on the lower floor, while the main bedroom and the living room are located on the upper floor, from where there are impressive views of Aalborg. The family is happy with the house and its location, and has therefore made further improvements to the property. The most recent renovation involved demolishing a wall in the kitchen, the horizontal division between the two storeys was reinforced, and the floors were taken up in order to lay new insulation as well as new wooden flooring and tiles. At the same time, the family addressed the acoustics problems which they experienced with their home – by installing Troldtekt acoustic panels in extreme fine structure. The family says: “It was quite an upheaval revamping the lower floor as we did, and it was difficult to know whether the changes would improve the house as expected. We were particularly worried about the low ceiling heights which you normally find in houses from the 1970s. However, it has proved to work really well. We use less heating, and the house now has much better acoustics. You can really feel it!”

The kitchen and dining room are separate spaces, but the opening between them is wide and allows good contact between the two areas. A sliding door has been installed, but that, however, is rarely used. The white ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in extreme fine structure have improved the acoustics noticeably, but they also enhance the interior design, and ensure greater coherence between the rooms. Troldtekt panels have also been used in the hallway, in the stairwell and in the children’s rooms.