The Holst family’s 130 square metre holiday home is located between Søndervig and Hvide Sande on the west coast of Jutland.

Troldtekt, Ringkøbing
Photo: Tommy Kosior

It has been built as two interconnected houses located in the low terrain behind the sand dunes where there is peace and quiet. From the large south-facing terrace and windows there is a stunning view of the preserved landscape.

The house was designed by the family on the site of their previous old holiday home.

“We think this location is unique. We realised we only had one shot to get it right and it was therefore important for us to choose the right materials,” says the Holst family.

“We wanted a nice view and plenty of light but, at the same time, it was important that not too much sun would flow into the house in summer. This is why the ceiling continues over the glass façade and terrace and creates sloping one metre eaves.”

 “Because all the rooms have high ceilings and plasterboard walls, we knew that something had to be done to improve the acoustics. At a housing exhibition, we saw one house with perforated plasterboard ceilings but that didn’t create the desired acoustic effect. Afterwards we visited a brick house with hard walls, quarry tiles on the floor and Troldtekt panels on the ceiling. The panels made the room very calm so that’s why we chose them.”

The family adds, “We are also very satisfied with the aesthetics of the Troldtekt panels which are painted white with fine structure and small bevelling. Troldtekt is a rustic material that goes well with the white walls and also creates a good contrast to the dark wood façade. When guests visit our holiday home, they have the same experience and can really feel the calmness.”