Farmhouse anno 2022

After many years of farming on north-east Funen, the family chose to build their own farmhouse, keeping nature at the heart of home and everyday life.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, private homes

The old walnut tree in the driveway forms the centre of the farmhouse’s angled wings, playing a key role in the history of the place. Nature and the traditions of rural living are safeguarded here. Between the two wings lies the entrance through a low structure as inviting as an orangery. Glass sections facing the road and courtyard provide light and openness.

With their own design ideas and working closely with local craftsmen, the family made their own mark on the house, focusing on long-term solutions with materials and interior design. Right from the start of the project, a solution for good acoustics was incorporated and Troldtekt ceilings were chosen.


Modern choices

One wing is designed as a utility room and garage with workshop, while the house itself is in the opposite wing with a living room as an extension of the kitchen-living room, with its own door to the garden. The rooms have vaulted ceilings with built-in spotlights. Troldtekt v-line is a design solution that the family came across in their many material choices. The continuous v-shape grooves in the panels create calm surfaces that emphasise the direction of the room.

The family wanted to have lots of sustainable solutions in their modern home and therefore chose many durable materials and geothermal heating. The home is a fine example of traditional building culture and modern, sustainable elements in harmony.