Newly built holiday home with living roof and simple lines

In a holiday home area in Saltum in Vendsyssel in the North Jutland region, we find a newly built, architect-designed holiday home. The house is located in a scenic area surrounded by dunes and is designed to open up to the light and the natural environment outside.

Superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in private homes with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Raw, wild and honest. The unruly North Sea and its surrounding areas attract and fascinate tourists, swimmers and holiday homeowners. An undulating, uncultivated site in Saltum in Vendsyssel hides a newly built holiday home belonging to the couple Hejne and Helle Jensen. When the original building faced extensive renovation work, the couple decided to demolish it and build a new one in its place.

The new holiday home was designed by architect Terkel Bundgaard to elegantly reflect its natural surroundings.

– We’re truly excited about the result. The final result was actually the very first sketch the architect made, but we fell in love with the minimalistic expression right away, says holiday homeowner Hejne Jensen.

Opposites attract
The just about 100 square metres in the single-storey house make up three rooms, one bathroom and one large open-plan kitchen-living room. Inside, yellow brick flooring and Troldtekt acoustic panels create a minimalistic expression broken up by black panels, the dark brick chimney and the grey kitchen. 

– The choice of materials is simple and elegant, creating a tasteful coherence mixed with stylish contrasts. The brick look is echoed in several places throughout the house, and wood also plays a crucial role, says Hejne Jensen.

Examples of this are the walls clad in bright wooden boards and the wood panel clad exterior.

All-year property at one with nature
All rooftops are legally required to be clad in grass or peat in the area where the newly built holiday home is located. Therefore, the couple also wanted the rest of the house’s exterior expression to reflect its natural surroundings. With its heat-treated pine exterior and patios and large window sections that provide a clear view to the beautiful surroundings, that wish has been granted.

– It’s a pleasure to sit outside in summer on the large patios, just as it’s a pleasure to enjoy the view from inside in winter, says Hejne Jensen.

The couple could only use the old holiday home a few months a year due to dampness, which is why they doubly enjoy how easy it is to heat up their newly built holiday home – regardless of weather and time of year.

– In short, we’ve now got a holiday home we want to stay in. It is both beautiful and not least comfortable, which is partly due to the acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt – they provide good acoustics and contribute to a healthy indoor climate, says Hejne Jensen