Scenic views to the north and sunlight from the south

Family home in Silkeborg, Denmark has been designed in synergy with its surroundings. The floor plan makes the most of the potential for stunning views of the natural landscape surrounding the plot and for daylighting the interior.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in private homes
Photo: Anette Roien

Superb views of woodlands and open countryside to the north and sunlight flooding in from the south called for an innovative floor plan for this 178-square-metre modernistic home in the town of Silkeborg in central Jutland, Denmark.  It has the same number of rooms as a normal single-family home, but they are arranged untraditionally.

“The sitting room and the kitchen-dining room are located at opposite ends of the house. To the south, sunlight floods into the sitting room, while the excellent views to the north can be enjoyed from the kitchen-dining room. The unusual floor plan adds character,” says Henrik Dissing, Director of HD Bolig, which constructed and furnished the house.

“The large windows have been used to effect in the kitchen-dining room. The advantage of having north-facing windows is that they can be very large, because the sun does not beat down through them. In our design, we have made the most of this.”

Nature invited in
The materials used in the house are as natural as can be. Cork floors in the bedrooms and Troldtekt ceilings throughout the house contrast with hard surfaces, such as the floor tiles in the kitchen-dining room.

“I feel it’s important for a newly built house to also be charming and atmospheric. That’s why we have chosen natural materials for as many surfaces in the house as possible. We have created ‘warm walls’ with a Kabe finish and installed acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt, which are much more pleasant than a cold plasterboard ceiling. The ceilings also serve an important function in relation to the acoustic environment in the home,” explains Henrik Dissing.

The large windows in the kitchen-dining room create a seamless transition between the indoor space and the large outdoor deck, which is at the same level as the kitchen floor to make the home blend seamlessly into the natural environment outside.