Sinus House

The Nybo family loved their brand new house with its distinctive architectural character. However, they were unhappy with the acoustics in the high ceilinged rooms because they wanted to retain a minimalist interior which matched the overall look. Their solution was to install acoustic ceiling panels which would allow them to stamp their mark on the house both visually and acoustically.

Troldtekt, Sinus House
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

Troldtekt was the obvious choice for improving the acoustics throughout because it significantly reduces reverberation times while promoting a healthy indoor climate.

The Nybo family villa had previously been a ‘Sinus House’ show home purchased from the M2 company which builds prefabricated houses. Designed by Cebra architects, this house is very recognisable, characterised by unusual angles and vaulted ceilings together with large cut-outs which form patio areas. These are highlighted in strong contrasts of white and black and also incorporate windows to introduce more daylight into the building.

Most home-owners like to personalise their homes and adapt to meet their particular needs and wishes. However, in this case, the Nybo family was buying a show home and was therefore unable to dictate the interior surfaces they preferred.

Consequently, the family made several modifications to try and improve the acoustics of their house and initially tried to divide up the living rooms but without much success. Then they studied various ceiling solutions and decided to install Troldtekt acoustic panels because of their unique sound-absorbing properties. They reasoned that the ceiling heights would not be significantly reduced while the rustic appearance of the Troldtekt panels would contrast well with the otherwise clean lines of the house.

The family was extremely pleased and relieved with the result, as the Troldtekt panels have greatly improved the acoustics. “Even as they were being installed and even with low noise levels, we could notice the difference between the rooms with and without Troldtekt,” recalls the family.